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Friday, October 08, 2004


TM Lutas

Actually, Dr. Barnett does not hide the fact that he is a member of the Democrat party. One of his points has consistently been that his vision will fail if it is partisan, that is, there must be a center-left version of the vision as well as a center-right version of the vision for it to survive the tensions and trials of US domestic political competition. I agree with him in that. We urgently need for the Democrat party to have something of a sane foreign policy and adopting Barnett's strategic vision would set them well on the road to doing it.

Andrew Schouten


I know. I've read the book, and it's a great book. Nevertheless, I'm not sure that the Democratic party is the party of that (or indeed, any) strategic vision. And, while I've heard echoes of Barnett's vision in some of the President's comments, it's hard to say that his administration has signed on to it as well.

I admire Barnett for his liberal, humanitarian values. I admire him even more for linking them to globalization. But, I share the same opinion of one of the comments on your blog: I think that he is overly optimistic about the prospects of a Kerry administration.

They have sounded all of the wrong notes on trade. Trade and foreign direct investment is the way by which globalization improves the lives of people around the world. Kerry and Edwards have espoused a protectionist view of the world that is more damaging that reckless unilateralism.

Nonetheless, I agree with you, a bi-partisan effort must be made to support globalization. But I don't see that effort coming out of the Democratic party for quite some time.

Kerry talks a good game on the multilateralist, shared "rule-sets" angle, but he sends all the wrong signals on free trade. How can he develop a foreign policy to support globalization, even as he fails to express a sufficient enough commitment to the free trade that underwrites it?

Andrew Schouten

Oh, and TM:

Good stuff!

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